Through Hole Component Assembly

Through Hole Components fall into two main categories, axial lead bodies and radial lead bodies.  An example of an axial lead component is an axial lead resistor or diode (a lead extending out each end of the component).  This type component needs to have its leads bent in such a sway as to allow it to be mounted by inserting its leads through a bare printed circuit board and subsequently cut and clinched onto the bare PCB.  This is done by a Variable Displacement Device (VCD), which is most notably manufactured by Universal Instrument Corporation in Bingington, NY.  GMS, Inc. long ago sold our Universal VCD and began contracting with a VCD service provider to insert almost all axial lead components. We did this because of the declining use of axial lead, resistors, diodes and the like in favor of SMD technology.  We also made this move to improve quality of insertion.  The VCD is a very high maintenance, largely mechanical machine, so we decided to let a service provider, who has the mechanical expertise, tools and spare parts to maintain their machines, do this type work for us.