News of the Day - October 26, 2016

Recently we have been involved in UV LED Assembly, not the germicidal type yet, but that is coming. One of our customers is on a design path to use some in his fixtures.

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Global Manufacturing Services, Incorporated can assemble your circuit boards in the fast lane.   

We are a Boutique Assembly Services Company, nestled in the Western Mountains of North Carolina. We are small, fast, agile, highly efficient and very, very good at what we do.  You may, quite legitimately, ask ... "How can you describe yourselves as a Boutique Assembly Services Company and at the same time have an audacious name like Global Manufacturing Services, Inc."   Well it's like this.  We operate as a Boutique Assembly Service, with all that the word conjures up ... exceptionally good customer service, high quality, attention to every detail and differentiated from ordinary businesses in our industry;  when the volume is 'high mix and relatively low volume' ... say less than 500,000 assemblies. But when the volume grows enough to warrant; we call upon our team at Team Precision, Public Company, Ltd. in Thailand to take the overflow or take over the whole job.  So there you have it.  The conundrum has been explained.  Send us your drawings and test specifications and let us show you how it works. 

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