News of the Day - August 12, 2016

Global Manufacturing Services is busily assembling long, thin boards populated with LEDs. Many of these boards are up to four feet long and less than an inch wide. We recognized, early on, the need for long skinny boards and invested in the equipment necessary to assemble them. No need to go to China or Mexico, we can make replacement fluorescent bulbs right here in North Carolina.

We are Global Manufacturing Services, Inc.

Global Manufacturing Services, Incorporated can assemble your circuit boards in the fast lane.   

We are a small and exceedingly agile company that has been building quality products in the same town since 1987. We build and test sophisticated electronics which vary from big LED arrays to small boards with more than 500 parts. Do you need surface mount assembly? We can get it quickly for you. How about through hole assemblies? Our Selective Soldering machines will get the job done without all the messy environmental issues and cost of wave soldering. Send us your Gerber files and your Bill of Materials and tell us how to test the finished assembly and you'll have a quality assembly in no time. That's a promise!

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