SMT Assembly Services

Global Manufacturing Services, Inc. has a long history assembling circuit boards using SMT components.  In fact we purchased a new Zevatech 360 back around 1992 and began our foray into the evolving new world of SMT assembly.  SMT machines at that time were quite simple, but that did not keep them from being very expensive.  We eventually moved on to the Zevatech 460 and as they say, the rest is history.  Today we have five pick and place machines, five stencil printers, a ten zone reflow oven and two 7 zone ovens for SMT soldering and all the supporting equipment that keeps the SMT part of the business humming. Our Boutique Assembly Service business model involves high mix, low to medium high volumes, so with our many redundant assembly machines we are never shut down by machine failure. Our layout allows us to turn on a dime for customers who need product in a flash.