4 Foot LED Boards

Global Manufactures 4 ft. LED boards and bigger!

Inside Samsung's SM482

Here at Global, we have been in the LED business for more than 25+ years. We have seen a lot of new products pass through our factory that push the boundary of innovation, styling, and size. In particular, the ever growing LED industry has seen leaps and bounds in performance, brightness, and design. With these ever evolving products we must predict and foreshadow trends, which is why we are one of the few manufacturing companies in the United States who can offer 4 ft. LED boards and longer. Industry standard LED board sizes are only 22 inches and are less than half of what we can produce.

We manufacture industry-leading LED board sizes for our current clients. We have state of the art machinery that can automatically and efficiently place your components on these large sized boards with ease right here in the USA. These large boards have numerous benefits from a production standpoint:

  • Increased production, lower labor costs, and fewer boards
  • Stronger structural and design aspects – less opportunities for smaller, connected LED boards to disconnect and fail
  • Equal, consistent, and dependable light coverage and brightness throughout the whole assembly

Let go of these size limitations and let us create a brighter future for you today!