Category One

Category One Associates are those with whom we have a very close, formal and/or ongoing relationship, i.e. signed agreement. 

The top associate in that category is New Energy, LLC. of Raleigh, North Carolina. A high percentage of our contract assembly business is devoted to serving the needs of New Energy. The association is more like a consortium in that each of us brings to the party different resources, facilities, skills and other goods and services for a common purpose. For example, New Energy brings years of marketing and sales experience, project management, and engineering resources that allows GMS to concentrate on quality products and on time deliveries in our manufacturing operation  GMS brings years of manufacturing experience, tribal knowledge, know how and much more. We have been assemblying thousands upon thousands of LED circuit boards for signage as well as power lighting for more than eight years and for a myriad of applications, including casino gaming circuit boards, street lights, parking garage lights, exit signs, ship board lighting and much more.

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Another Category One and long time associate is Team Precision Public Company, Ltd. in which we have financial interest by way of owning stock in the company. Team Precision is a large, EMS located near Bangkok, Thailand and one with which we pass large projects ($1M or more) or projects requiring BGA, flip chip, and other manufacturing specialities that require tools and expertise beyond our capability and/or capacity. In many cases, we can start a project here at our factory and when the project grows beyond our means; we can seamlessly pass the work to Team Precision. Furthermore, our service does not stop there, because we offer our customers project management, consisting of placing orders with Team Precision, and/or sometimes we need to help source specialty components or services that might be available here in the US, but not in Thailand.  Finally, we can manage your shipments out of Thailand into customer's facilities in North, Central, and South America.

Because we have family in Thailand, we are always eager to accompany potential or existing customers for a visit with our friends at Team Precision.

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