Category Two

Our Category Two Associates are those persons or companies with whom we work closely, but generally not on a regular basis. This would include design engineers, graphic designers, New Product Introductions, etc. 

An example of this relationship is with Hank Wallace of Atlantic Quality Design in Fincase, VA.  Hank is an accomplished designer who has designed test sets and new products for GMS over more than 15 years. If you have need for a high level design engineer, then you will be well served if you go to Hank and his design team for expert electronic and mechanical design service.  We highly recommend Hank Wallace at Atlantic Quality Design for design services and musical product development. And when the design is finished, Global Manufacturing Services, Inc.  can take Hank's design, make 'first article samples' and when the design and manufacturing processes have been verified, we can  make as many as you want right here in our North Carolina factory..  Hank Wallace Tell Hank that we sent you.

Another very valuable and skilled group is Detekt with offices in Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mainland China. There we can work with Daniel Rooney, the president of the company, for any of our customers who need New Product Introductions (NPI). I consider Daniel at Detekt to be one of our top finds in the field of New Product Introductions. Daniel and his staff operate one of the most novel and successful NPI organizations that I know of anywhere. Daniel and his group will take your design that you have scribbled on the back of a dinner napkin and turn it into a complete product ready to be marketed at Target, Walmart or any other outlet. He does this by having his staff analyze your design, report their findings and make suggestions for how best to get the design into production. Daniel and his staff then go to the top mechanical, electronic, software and graphic designers in Asia and have them do their thing on the design and in no time; they will have your product prototyped and ready for your approval. Finally, they will then quote your product to several manufacturers including our own Global Manufacturing Services, Inc. and voila!  All this and he will do all this without you having to worry about someone knocking off your design.  I know Daniel and several of his teammates personally and I whole heartedly recommend Daniel and his group for your NPI work. Daniel Rooney.  Tell Daniel that we sent you.