Request for Quote (RFQ)

If you have a project that you need quoted, please gather the following information and let us get you a quote. The more complete you can make the information requested, the better we can quote your project.

  1. A brief description of your project, existing product, new product introduction (NPI), any prototypes which have been built, photos of the project that may have been built by a previous electronic manufacturer,  simple board assembly or box build or something in between.
  2. Complete set of Gerber Files which describes the constructuon of the bare board.  The Gerber Files will describe the material for the boards, whether simple FR4, or metal clad, the board dimensions, the copper coating, i.e. finish, specifications about the mask, color, etc., specification of board testing and what provision will you have for testing, a functional test set or some other means of testing.
  3. A complete Bill of Materials, often referred to as the BOM.  It should include the quantity of each part, each part's description, i.e. resister, capacitor, and the value, tolerance, temperature range, etc, manufacturer's precise and complete part number, any special pricing considerations that you may have worked out with your component suppliers, based on your expected annual usage that we might take advantage of on your behalf.
  4. If box build, do you have a complete set of drawings for the product, i.e. all CAD drawings that we must use to get quotes for metal or plastics, etc.
  5. Will you require a Kanban shipping schedule? 
  6. What is your target price for your assembly?
  7. Your best estimate of annual and lifetime usage.  What annual quantities should we quote and what will be the minimum release?   Which of the following quanties do you expect for annual release?
  • Less than 100
  • More than 100 but less than 500
  • More than 500 but less than 1,000
  • More than 1,000 but less than 10,000
  • Greater than 10,000

Once you have your data together, you may print this page, answer the questions and along with the requested data, i.e. Gerber files, CAD Drawings, BOM, etc. and send to our email address;, or if you like, save to a PDF file and send to our inquiry address, as previously specified,