In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, and with the pending threat of yet another, the Team at Global Manufacturing Services share its’ concern for all who are suffering from the effects of these natural disasters. Many Americans will help by offering financial support to organizations directly involved in assisting those that are suffering, and some will even volunteer and show up ready to support recovery efforts on the ground.

A few weeks ago, I shared an article that explained the basics of conformal coatings. The article provided a brief description of the benefits of coatings, with the most obvious benefit being, they create a barrier between sensitive surface mount device and the environment in which they function. I also mentioned some additional protections they provide, such as protecting solder contacts from thermal and mechanical shock, and corrosion.

Solder paste is commonly used to create electrical connections and mechanical bonds between printed circuit board pads and surface mount devices, such as resistors and capacitors.  It is made up of powdered solder in a flux paste. The flux serves several purposes. It removes oxidation from metallic surfaces, it protects the components to be soldered, as well as the metallic surface on the board.

Conformal coatings are simply coatings that are used to protect printed circuit boards.  They form a barrier between the environment and the board and its’ electronic components, but the protections go far beyond that.

In 2016, Global Manufacturing Services added new high-speed pick & place equipment capable of placing up to 28,000 surface mount devices per hour. These pick and place machines are fast, but more importantly, they are very accurate. This new equipment is sandwiched between our automated stencil printing, and reflow equipment, increasing our production capabilities by more than 40%.