In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes

In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, and with the pending threat of yet another, the Team at Global Manufacturing Services share its’ concern for all who are suffering from the effects of these natural disasters. Many Americans will help by offering financial support to organizations directly involved in assisting those that are suffering, and some will even volunteer and show up ready to support recovery efforts on the ground. As Americans, our highest priority will be to continue to come together and find a way to provide suffering people the help they need to begin their personal recovery. We are fortunate to have many organizations that have expertise in disaster relief and citizens who are willing to support their efforts.

While our priority will first be on the human need, Global Manufacturing will be considering ways to support the many companies affected by these events. Our expertise is not in disaster relief but in electronics manufacturing. So, we are reaching out to companies in the electronics industry that may be flooded, are without power, and/or without their team, since their staff is and should be focused on home and family. We cannot imagine what it would be like to be in their position.  We only hope that, if we were, we could reach out to someone in the industry and find help in a difficult time. So, we are prepared of offer manufacturing and production assistance to help companies get through this catastrophe, meet critical deadlines, and avoid huge gaps in production and supply. If your company has been detrimentally affected by the recent storms, contact us and let us see if we can provide you the support you need until things in your area improve. We hope companies in all industries will find a way to reach out and support the numerous companies impacted by these disasters. After all, each company represents many employees and their families.