ESD - A Serious Threat

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can be a serious threat to sensitive electronics, especially at the component level. Fortunately, these days many component manufacturers have incorporated zeners or other bypass mechanisms into the design of many components which helps to amelorate the problem of static electricity. Nevertheless, we do all assembly work with operators wearing anti-static jackets and each wears a wrist strap when working on static sensitive assemblies.  All tables and work benches where static sensitive devices are used have ground mats on their top surfaces. We transfer circuit assemblies within the production area on ESD safe racks or in ESD safe carbonized totes. It is well known, that ESD is more prevalent in a very dry atmosphere, so we keep the humidity at approximately 50%, winter and sumer.      

Every circuit board we ship is packaged in a Faraday Cage type foil bag, to protect the product from ESD damage during shipment.