Global Manufacturing Services, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Arlie Keith in West Jefferson, North Carolina under the name "General Assembly Corporation, Inc.". Arlie and Andria Robbins, his daughter, operated and grew the business throughout the 'nineties' and until January 2004. Whereupon, the business was sold to an individual investor. By 2008, the business, under the new management had failed and Mr. Keith choose to rename the business to Global Manufacturing Services, Inc. and undertake the daunting task of restoring the business to its former level of business. All this happened at the onset of the US' near catastrophic economic melt down, which made the challenge all the more interesting. As Global continues to grow and rise in the industry under the leadership of Andria, we are forever looking for innovative ways to make our company better. With a never settle attitude and hard work methodology, we strive to give you the best customer experience, genuine quality products, and reliability that the industry can provide. Let us show you why we are one of the best electronic contract manufacturers in North Carolina.